My Printer Isn’t Working

My Printer Isn’t Working at Home! ——What do I Do!?
The Problem:
Gah! It’s the night before a report is due!   It’s done, spell checked, bibliography complete, and proofread BUT your home printer is out of ink or doesn’t work!

The Fix:

  1. Is it before 9pm? Go to the Grissom, Main Street or Pearl Bailey Branch Library .  They have computers available for public use, all of which include Internet access and word processing software!   They will be happily help you print your report and get it ready to be turned in!
  2. After 9pm or don’t have a ride to your local branch Library? Email your document (as a .DOC – see below for how!) to THE TEACHER WHO ASSIGNED the report or assignment. How? Go to the CMS  Faculty and Staff  Web Page and find your teacher! Email your work by cutting and pasting it into the body of an email or attach the .DOC or .PPT or .XLS- HINT: Make sure your subject head has your name, grade & core! 🙂