Student eBooks Access

Craddock Middle School Digital Library

Click the link above and use your computer log-in information to log into the library database If a book says its ‘IN’ that means its available for checkout and if its ‘OUT’, it is already checked out. These books are single-user (meaning only one student can read this book at a time). If a book has an infinity symbol in the corner it is available. This means that the book is a multi-user (meaning more than one student can read this book at the same time).


Interactive Nonfiction Lightbox Books Free Subscription

Available through August 1, 2020, for repeat practice for understanding. Use the search box for the contents in easy-to-read Spanish Language books; English LA; Life and Physical Science; and Civics and US History.


National Emergency Digital Library – Middle School –

Free digital checkout just click on the book you’d like to read. Suggested books in the Craddock Library you can access at the National Emergency Digital Library on Catalog Booklet


Portsmouth Public Libraries

Click the link above to set up a library card. Most of these books are single user and you will need to have a library account or set one up to gain access.


Books as an Open Pdf online :

Popular Topics in Pdf form on our school website.


Free Audible Books & eBooks

Free audible books are available at this site. SITE INSTRUCTIONS: Download hundreds of free audio books, mostly classics, to your MP3 player or computer.

Free eBooks for iPad, Kindle & Other Devices are also available.