Critical Literacy Challenge

1st of the Year Critical Literacy Challenge

In writing, let the library know what you think Missy Elliott is saying in her message and how you would apply this message to your everyday world at school and at home?

Ghost or Patina (Books 1 & 2 in the series) will be offered as choice to choose from for the winners!Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 10.07.32 AM

2 WINNERS: 1 Male & 1 Female!

DEADLINE:  Friday NOV 16


Use the link below to submit your paragraphs online.


  1. Turn your written answer in to the library.
  2. You must write at least 1 paragraph

  3. Only complete sentences written with correct grammar will be accepted.
    • Grade 7: 5 sentences minimum 
    • Grade 8: 6 sentences minimum

TOPIC SENTENCE: OPENING OR FIRST SENTENCE:  What is the paragraph going to be about?  Stick to the subject mentioned in your topic.  Let it state the CONTROLLING IDEA for your sentence

EXAMPLE:  Mr. Brown must have been a drill sargeant before he came to our school.

SUBJECT:  Mr. Brown, our gym teacher

ATTITUDE, FEELING, or VIEWPOINT:  must have been a drill sargeant before

BODY:  MAIN PART OF THE PARAGRAPH:  This is where you tell the reader about your topic by including supportive details as to why you think or feel this way. The sentences should follow a logical order of defense and explanation.

LOGICAL ORDER:  Keep you details and defense in order that makes sense. Don’t say you eat the dry cereal then pour milk in the bowl and use a spoon to drink the milk.

CLOSING SENTENCE / CLINCHER / CONCLUDING REMARKS:  This comes after all the details have been included in the body of the paragraph. The closing sentence reminds the reader what the topic of the paragraph is really all about, what it means.

EXAMPLE:  I’m surprised that Mr. Brown doesn’t make us march into the shower room after each class.